TGUP Helps the World’s Children Learn
TGUP Helps the World’s Children Learn

TGUP is a leading provider of educational infrastructure for the developing world.

We have completed more than 400 small-scale, high-impact education projects in 26 developing world countries: classrooms; libraries; science labs; playgrounds; etc. Over their full duration, these projects will help almost three million children have just a slightly better chance in life.

Education Diamond

For education to work, there must be an array of “Core” components, and equally important arrays of “Pre-cursors” and “Post-cursors,” as shown in our Education Diamond at the right.

Core components include classrooms, libraries, science labs, etc. Pre-cursors are essential to life and include Water, Nutrition, and Sanitation. Post-cursors improve life and include Health Care, Recreation, and Vocation. When all of these elements are present, education can occur. Without them, it cannot.

2023 Project Descriptions

The strength of this understanding is that it allows us to look for those situations where one or two elements are missing, and address those. This liberates the energy of the entire system. It is much more effective than simply “throwing money at a problem” and possibly missing a critical element and leaving the larger system uncatalyzed.

In 2023, TGUP completed 93 projects, or one every four days, somewhere in the world. They fall into the Diamond as shown in the table to the left.

TGUP’s Save a Girl ™ program provides washable, reusable sanitary kits to adolescent girls to help them manage their period. This allows them to stay in school. This is a “horizontal extender” to TGUP’s educational, because it broadens the reach of all of the other components.

TGUP’s Science Lab in a Box ™ (SLaB) allows developing world high schools to carry out world-class laboratory work in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. SLaB is a “vertical extender” to the Education Diamond because it deepens the curriculum that any school can offer to its students.

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